Cliché Gypsy Life

Cliché Gypsy Life AD

Cliché presents its new full length video Gypsy Life:

40 min DVD with all the Cliché team, introducing Paul Hart, Max Geronzi and Kyron Davis.
Featuring full parts and the 4th Cliché Gypsy tour….no hotels, 15 euros a day, a true
skate road trip across Europe – skate where you want, sleep where you can.
“A skateboard trip plus way more. A sideways adventure to pillage spots, live in tents, bbq
and party with the bro’s. Enter the simpler times” – Adul Skoorc

Lucas Puig – Sammy Winter – JB Gillet – Andrew Brophy
– Joey Brezinski – Flo Mirtain – Brad McClain – Lem
Villemin – Jeremie Daclin – Daniel Espionza – Adrien Coillard
– Javier Mendizabal – Pete Eldridge – Paul Hart – Kyron
Davis – Max Geronzi + Guest janitor/Gypsy Life artist Chet
Childress aka Adul Skoorc

Filmed and edited by Boris Proust.
Original music tracks for the Gypsy tour by Busy P.